Rules and Regulations

  1. Every student admitted to the B.Sc. Nursing course shall have to follow rules and regulations of the Nursing College.
  2. Students are responsible to the Principal for their behavior, both in and outside the campus.
  3. All decisions taken by the management are final and bidning on the students.
  4. Students should maintain silence in the classes, library, reading room and in the corridors. Students should make every effort to take care of the college and hospital property and help in maintaining the same. They should not write on the black board, scribble on tables, chairs, walls etc.
  5. Students are not allowed to come directly in the Principal’s office. They can come only with the permission of the class in charge.
  6. Students should g reet the lecturers when they see them for the first time in the college/hospital/hostel etc.
  7. If the students have any problem, they should inform the class representative and the class representative will intitmate it to the class coordinators. If the problem is not solved at the class coordinator’s level, then the class coordinator will present it to the Prinicpal. No students should by-pass the above mentioned channels. Exceptions are allowed only if the problem is utmost urgent/serious.
  8. A student nurse is not allowed to receive gift or gratuity of any sort at any time from the patients of the hospital or their relatives.
  9. If a student is in need to get leave from the college or hospital in the middle of a day, for any emergency, he/she should get sanction from the class coordinator and a letter to that effect must be produced from the parent or guardian.
  10. Regular and punctual attendance in all class activities like lectures, demonstrations, practicals, clinical teaching, tutorials, tests etc is a must. Usual college time is 9 am – 4.30 pm and in clinics 8 am – 4 pm. Students must have to participate in all college activities like clinical meetings, conferences, guest lectures, seminars as well as sports, cultural activities etc.
  11. As per Kerala University, INC and KNMC regulations, no student shall be allowed to appear in the annual examination of the concerned subject if his/her practical, hospital posting and bedside clinical areas etc, the attendance should not fall short of 100% of the total sessions.
  12. Leave of absence from the classes must be taken from the teachers.
  13. In case of illness, permission shall have to be obtained from the principal to remain absent from studies.
  14. The student must clear all the dues of the college & hostel before the commencement of exam, otherwise she/he will not be allowed to attend the exams.
  15. Any student who damages the reputation of the college in any way is liable to be expelled. If any student discontinues the course, he/she shall clear all dues for the remaining duration of the course. If he/she fails to pay, his/her original certificates will not be returned. Original certificates will be returned at the time of leaving the college when students clear the dues.
  16. Students are required to maintain ethical and professional standards in behavior both inside and outside the college, hospital, hostel and community premises.
  17. Each student is responsible for the proper handling and safe custody of any apparatus or equipment that he/she may b eusing in different nursing labs. Misuse or negligence will result in replacement of the particular by the candidate. Any willful damage done to the property of the college and hospital will be treated as breach of discipline.
  18. Students are not allowed to paste notices within the institutions without prior written permission from the office of the principal.
  19. Students are forbidden to communicate with any outside authority directly. All such communications must be submitted through the office of the Principal. Any student infringing this rule is liable to be suspended.
  20. For any kind of misbehavior with staff or creating disturbances in classroom and in the college premises by a student or group of students, a full range of disciplinary action will be taken i.e. student will be expelled from the institute and depending upon his/her fault can be under legal action. A student expelled on disciplinary grounds will never be readmitted to this college.
  21. If any student found in use of liquor or narcotics on hospital duty or in institute premises, he/she will be suspended from the institute for a specific period or be expelled from the institution.
  22. Possession of weapons, explosive and other objectionable material in institute/hostel will result in being expelled from the institution.
  23. Taking active part in politics will result in being expelled from the institution. Coming on hospital duty or entering the institute premises in an un presentable appearance will be liable to punishment.
  24. Ragging is an offense. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus as well as in the hostel. Any student/students involved in such activities will be immediately expelled from the institution. Both junior and senior students are required to maintain cordial relationship with each other and a disciplined atmosphere in the college campus.
  25. Students are required to wear full uniform during college and hospital. Jewellery, ear rings, painted fingernails, threads and bracelets on hands etc. are not allowed. Students must wear white apron in college laboratories. Students must be neat and tidy in their dress,a voiding expensive clothes and exaggerated fashions.
  26. Students are required to carry their identity cards during college hours, clinical and whenever they are going out and must be produced whenever it is asked by the concerned authority.
  27. Membership in the recognized Student Nurses’ Association is compulsory.
  28. College authorities will not encourage any picnic/tour.

Information to  Parents/Guardians

All efforts on the part of the college, however sincere and dedicated it may be, will go all ste, unless whole hearted cooperation comes from the guardians of the students as well as the students themselves. The process of learning is always like two way traffic. Therefore, a close, consistent and integrated interaction between the college and the guardians is most essentially required. The college has laid down and open clear administrative and academic plan.

The college provides the services of the best possible highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty. It provides a congenial and educational environment to the students in the college. Efficient arrangements of practical is undertaken along with theory. A cumulative record of the performance of the students is maintained and the guardians are duly informed of the progress of their wards. Internal examinations/monthly test are conducted and the guardians are duly informed.

An attempt is always made to have more working days. Discipline and its observance in an earnest manner is a hallmark of the college.

In order to see an efficient functioning of the college, all guardains are requested to lend a helping and cooperating hand to the working teams, both on the administrative and academic sides.